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How to accurately identify the quality of copper braided soft joint?
Views:  Addtime:2020-10-30

Many friends in what has the industry asked me, what method can be used to judge the quality of copper woven soft connection and reduce the probability of being pit? It can not be the manufacturer has the final say.

Methods: I have worked in the industry for so many years, but I still have some superficial experience. Now let's share with you how I identify the quality of copper braided soft connection.

The reason why copper braided flexible connection is not called copper flexible connection or copper foil flexible connection is that copper braided flexible connection is made of copper wire braided and processed, and the braided copper wire is either single strand or multi strand. So copper braided soft connection must be optimistic about the following points.

1. Check the copper wire in the copper braided soft connection, whether it is single strand or several strands, to see whether the copper wire surface is flat, whether there are holes, wire skipping, broken wire, broken strand and other phenomena, whether the surface of copper braided soft connection is glossy, black and red.

2. Check the joints at both ends of copper braided flexible connection. The surface of both ends joints should be smooth and free of pits, because the qualified products should be polished or electroplated. If the two ends of the joint are smooth, the surface of the joint is smooth.

3. The most important thing is to see the crimping quality of copper braided soft joints. High quality crimping will crimp copper braids into copper plates. It is not obvious that there are copper wires, but you can see one copper wire. On the contrary, the low-quality crimping can be seen at a glance that the copper braided soft joint is composed of copper wires, some of which are not even tight and loose, which will affect its power on ability.

The last way to identify the quality of copper braided soft joint is to look at the quality. On the premise of the same size and the same performance data, the heavier quality is better.