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Knowledge of tinned copper bar
Views:  Addtime:2021-02-27
The function of tinned copper bar is to prevent oxidation. Because it is easy to oxidize and turn black or produce aeruginosa in industrial atmosphere, marine climate or humid atmosphere, tin plating on copper strip is needed to increase contact area, reduce contact resistance of overlapping surface and enhance conductivity. The tinning layer of tinned copper bar has good stability in air. The long-term atomic particle bonding between two different metal materials can be realized at various ambient temperatures. The distribution of tinned copper layer and zinc layer is uniform.
Knowledge of tinned copper bar
In conclusion, tin plating on the surface of copper bar can prevent copper bar from oxidation, improve the contact surface of copper bar connection, form alloy on the joint surface of metal tin and copper, and enhance the adhesion of copper bar coating. In addition, the conductivity of tin is good. The coating has good compactness, high finish and enhanced wear resistance.
Other uses of tinned copper bar:
1) Can manufacturing: widely used in contact with food and beverage items, which can is made for other purposes, such as kitchen utensils, food knives and forks, ovens and so on.
2) Electrical and electronic industry: because tin is easy to weld and has good conductivity, it is widely used in electrical and electronic parts that need to be welded.
3) On copper wire: improve the solderability of copper wire and the barrier between copper wire and insulating sheath.
4) Activity: because tin is soft, it can prevent scratch and can be used as solid lubricant.
5) Prevent steel from nitriding.
Purpose of tin, silver and nickel plating
1) The purpose of red copper tin plating is to effectively prevent the red copper from generating green due to moisture, and prevent the copper from being oxidized / sulfurized and blackening, which will affect the electrical contact. After tin plating, the service life of copper is extended several times or even ten times, which greatly improves the service life of copper and plays a considerable role in the protection of copper.
2) The purpose of silver plating on red copper is to improve the conductive contact impedance and enhance the signal transmission. (silver has good properties, easy to oxidize and conduct electricity after oxidation). Tinned copper bar
3) The purpose of nickel plating on red copper is to make base or appearance, so as to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance (among which electroless nickel plating is more wear-resistant than chromium plating with modern technology).