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Do you know the difference between copper foil flexible connection and copper wire flexible connection?
Views:  Addtime:2021-04-12
   Some customers often ask, what is the difference between copper foil flexible connection and copper wire flexible connection?
   Copper foil soft connection and copper wire soft connection are the same. They are all used as soft and soft connections between transformers, and their chattering tiktok between transformer installation, high and low switch cabinet, vacuum electric appliance, enclosed bus bar, generator and bus bar, rectifier equipment, smelting equipment, rectifier and isolating switch. And in recent years in aerospace, rail transit, new energy industry will also use.
   But some people will choose to use copper foil flexible connection, some will use copper wire flexible connection, what is the difference between the two? Copper foil flexible connection is composed of a single piece of 0.03mm-0.3mm thick red copper foil superimposed by high-temperature fusion welding lap, copper foil can only move up and down in the process of use, which has higher requirements for the installation position and great limitations.
   The copper flexible connection is made of copper braided belt or copper stranded wire. After the joint is crimped, it can rotate 360 degrees. Generally, the current is small or the installation position is wide. We generally recommend using copper braided wire for flexible connection. For high current copper flexible connection with current carrying capacity greater than 1500A, we usually recommend customers to use copper stranded wire to ensure the flexibility of the product and increase the flexibility of product installation Sex. For electrical rooms with small spacing, we also recommend using copper stranded wire for flexible connection.
   The price of copper foil flexible connection and copper wire flexible connection depends on the specific process, but the price difference between them is not big. If you happen to choose copper foil flexible connection or copper wire flexible connection, you can refer to it.