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Is copper foil flexible connection the same as pressure welding?
Views:  Addtime:2021-04-26

Copper foil soft connection is also called pressure welding soft connection. Molecular diffusion welding technology is used to press and weld copper foil laminations together, so it is also called pressure welding soft connection. Its characteristics are: advanced technology, so that the crimping area through high current heating pressure welding. The thickness of copper foil is 0.03mm-0.5mm, which is your choice. The conventional method is 0.10mm stacked press welding. The contact surface can be tinned or silvered according to the user's requirements.

Copper foil flexible connection is a kind of material with high conductivity, fast heat dissipation and easy bending. It is widely used in new energy vehicles, energy storage batteries, EMU high-speed rail projects, as conductive connection accessories between batteries. These applications need to carry high voltage and large current, in the case of dv1000v conductivity, insulation is very important. If the quality of the insulating layer is not up to standard, the current is likely to cause the insulating layer to break down and put the equipment in danger. In the design of such products, there are strict requirements for the external insulation of copper foil flexible connection. We welcome you to call us to provide data and information to customize copper foil flexible connection.

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