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The structure form of twisted braided wire and the requirements of weaving equipment
Views:  Addtime:2021-06-30
Now most of the twisted pair braided wires are mainly composed of three parts, from the outside to the inside are sheath layer, insulation layer and conductive core. Its conductive core is used to transmit current, so the copper core and aluminum core with high conductivity are selected, which can effectively reduce power loss and voltage.

For twisted pair braided wire, the function of insulation layer is to prevent current leakage along the radial direction and ensure the safety of use. Therefore, the insulation layer of twisted pair braided wire should have good insulation performance and heat resistance, and also have a certain strength. Braiding is just one of many sheath layers or outer sheath layers. According to the different materials used and different parts in the structure, braiding layer will also have different functions.

At present, there are two common structures of twisted pair braided wire, one is fiber braided layer, which is a light protective layer, mainly to protect twisted pair braided wire, reduce various light, temperature, humidity and other erosion and external force damage, and protect twisted pair braided wire to be used safely and normally.

Another is metal braid, which is divided into copper wire braid and steel wire braid. The main characteristics of copper wire braid are that it can effectively protect against electromagnetic interference, eliminate the shielding effect of surface potential of twisted pair braid, eliminate induced electricity, and also have the role of safety protection, which can timely feedback the leakage situation. The main feature of the steel wire braid is good mechanical protection, can withstand large tension, but also shield the magnetic field, use more assured.

In order to ensure the quality of the twisted pair braided wire, the technological requirements of the knitting machine are very strict. For example, its control device should be sensitive and easy to adjust; And the requirement of low wire breakage rate, wire breakage or wireless is to be able to automatically stop, production action is sensitive and smooth. As the traction device of knitting machine, the spindle must be stable without collision; It is also necessary to keep the weaving pitch stable, the strands are evenly arranged and the weaving density uniform.