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What are the similarities and differences of copper braided wire
Views:  Addtime:2021-07-13
Do you know the difference between copper braided wire and winding wire? The following is about the comparison of the similarities and differences between copper braided wire and wound wire in shape and performance. I hope you can better distinguish copper braided wire from wound wire after reading the following explanation.

First, the same point

The same thing between copper braided wire and winding wire is that they are both materials that play a certain role in protecting the circuit and play a very important role in the use of the circuit. They can flexibly set the coverage of the circuit according to the needs of customers. Whether the winding or weaving of the circuit can play a certain role in protecting the circuit and are a good helper for the development of the circuit.

Second, differences

The difference between copper braid and winding wire is that the braid is usually made of hard material, while the material of winding wire is soft; The thickness of copper braided wire is twice as thick as that of winding wire, and it has better performance in use; Copper braided wire is generally used in high frequency

On the equipment, while the 

winding wire is used on the low frequency equipment, the scope of use of the two has strict limits; The structure of copper braided wire is relatively stable compared with the winding wire, and it will not be loose and easy to deform. The winding wire is easy to appear loose in the process of use.