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Structure and composition of Terminal Connection Wire
Views:  Addtime:2021-07-31
Wire is mainly used for the connection between the internal circuits of electronic equipment, it can transmit current or signal in the electrical equipment, to ensure the normal use of electronic equipment without the terminal wire! At present, there are three main standards for Terminal Connection Wires in China: Ul Standard, 3C Standard and VDE standard. The inner conductor of terminal connection wires is usually tinned or bare copper. The following for you to explain the structure and composition of Terminal Connection Line: 1, the primary use of heat-resistant PVC sheath materials imported from Japan. 2. The Shield layer of terminal connection line adopts the soft tinned copper wire with the diameter of 0.1 mm or above to improve the ability of anti-disturbance and anti-noise of the cable. 3, the insulation material mainly uses the high function heat-resistant PVC insulation material imported from Japan, semi-hard, soft and hard three categories; 4, the terminal connecting wire conductor uses the European and American wire gauge 14-30 Awg tin-plated soft copper wire, terminal Connection Wire and electrical flexible copper wire with cross section of 0.3mm2-2.0MM2. There are three conductor methods: stranded conductor, OS-1(TCW) conductor and solid conductor.