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Diffusion structure of copper soft junction
Views:  Addtime:2021-09-24

The products are widely used for flexible conductive connection in generators, transformers, switches, buses, industrial furnaces, rectifier equipment, electrolytic smelting equipment, welding equipment and other high current equipment. Application field of copper aluminum composite plate what electrical appliances are copper soft connections mainly used in? 

Key words: copper soft connection copper braided wire soft connection copper stranded wire soft connection copper foil soft dispersion band is made of tzx, which is tinned copper in the electrical industry. The conventional wire diameter of the heat dissipation belt is flat product surface, low resistance and silver white color, which can also be called pure red copper. It is tinned on the surface of red copper, The purpose is to play an antioxidant role in long-term exposure.

At the same time, due to the rapid heat transfer of copper and aluminum, the very high reflectivity to laser and the relatively large thickness of copper strip soft connector, it is necessary to use a high-power laser to realize welding. Characteristics of laser welded lithium battery: welding is a very important manufacturing process from the manufacturing of lithium battery cells to the grouping of battery packs. The conductivity, strength, air tightness, metal fatigue and corrosion resistance of lithium battery are typical battery welding quality evaluation standards.
It can meet the requirements of wear protection in various industrial fields. In particular, its unique braiding structure can be expanded to a size that is. Times larger than the original diameter, which is more suitable for wrapping the harness, and can smoothly pass through the connector with large volume.
It can improve the conductivity, adjust the equipment installation error, and play the role of (shock absorption) work compensation, convenient test and equipment maintenance. 
Features: the copper braided belt has soft connection, high conductivity, strong fatigue resistance, flat appearance, bright light, good contact surface and superior conductive function.